Japanese Car Imports.

Spectrum Imports was formed in 2001. All our Sports, performance, MPV and novelty vehicles are all purchased at source from Japanese car auctions and our trade-network throughout Japan.

Jap or Grey Imports – what are they?

The quality of Japanese-built  cars are far superior with better build-quality, higher specification, greater selection and better performance. Japanese cars are better looked after and serviced more robustly than their UK counterparts

Ordering, Shipment, Collection and Registration

We can help whether it’s sourcing, shipping, customs clearance, transportation and help with registration.

We provide only the very finest examples of pre-owned Japanese Imports (JDM’s) through our dedicated team at source. We boast over 10,000 imports to the UK.

Meeting Customers’ Needs – Service and Experience – Compliant – Quality Assurance – Market Leader

We have access to over 250,000 cars per week via auction and our trade network database and are always purchasing cars from Japan so if current stock list doesn’t meet your expectation please contact us so we can offer you our tailored-made, ‘ordering service’ which guarantees you the exact car you are looking for. We look forward to hearing from you.

Japanese Auctions and Auction Grades.

The majority of our stock is sourced from auctions but not all. All our cars are processed through our workshops where we check and replace any parts that are needed, paint and repair when needed and valet to a level that hopefully allows for our photos to be used by clients in presenting the cars to potential buyers while the car is still on the water. However, as clients have varying standards of presentation we don’t guarantee that there will still be more to do once you receive the car. Our hope it that we make the product a little easier for you to sell as new and secondhand parts are much more available here in Japan. We have all the major dealers within minutes of our company.

Auction Grade.

The grading stated on our description is the grade we feel the car deserves once it has been through our workshops. This may differ from the original grade given by the auction. For example an Auction Grade 3.5 may be given for the reason that the car needed a driver seat repaired or replaced and some minor paint. We would take care of both issues and then grade the car Grade 4. We avoid buying accident repaired cars in general but when we do we will always state that fact even if we give the car a general Grade 4 because of overall condition. Minor repaired cars can be very good value and there is no agreed standard between the auctions as to what constitutes an accident car. These days many Grade 3.5 cars in one auction would be an accident grade car in another auction making many auction sheets rather unreliable.


All our cars are checked with the manufacturers in regards to recalls. If a recall has not been done we arrange to have it done before the car is shipped. It is surprising how many cars have outstanding recalls.