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Honda Stepwagon UKThe Honda Stepwagon

The Honda Stepwagon was manufactured by the Japanese car manufacturer Honda in Japan from 1996. It is a MPV people carrier capable of carrying up to 8 people comfortably. There are 5 Generations of the Honda Stepwagon, each one of course superseding the other in terms of comfort and engine efficiency. Spectrum Imports have offered the Honda Stepwagon wholesale to UK importers since its manufacture in 1996 to date. There was also a very rare elevating roof version in the mid 1990’s which was often used as a weekender-type camper-van. All Honda Stepwagons are petrol engines.

First Generation Honda Stepwagon

The first generation of the Honda Stepwagon, (actually – the Stepwgn), was launched in Japan in 1996 with a range of 2.0 litre L4 petrol-engine, automatic, five-door compact MPV’s, carrying up to eight passengers. A choice of two different centre seat types made the Stepwagon a real Multi-Purpose Van, easily converting from a people carrier, to a load carrier, to a mini camper.

A limited edition of a five-seat, N-type Stepwagon was released in small numbers between 1999 and 2001.

Second Generation Honda Stepwagon

The second generation of the Honda Stepwagon / Stepwgn was released in Japan in 2001. Enhancements to the vehicle were few, with minor bodywork changes, but the Gen II models did include a new, more powerful 2.4 litre L4 petrol engine and a choice of 4 speed (2.0l) and 5 speed (2.4l) automatic transmission.

Third Generation Honda Stepwagon

The third generation of the Honda Stepwagon / Stepwgn, launched in Japan in 2005, was a complete make-over of the range. Introducing a new, low-platform chassis, the length and height of the vehicle was reduced yet the interior accommodation space remained unchanged! As a result of the new, lower chassis, the handling characteristics improved too.

Still available in both 2.0l and 2.4l petrol engines, the 2.4l models come with CVT transmission as standard.

Honda Stepwagon UK
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